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Grafana Labs is excited to announce the release of Loki 2.6. Here’s a summary of new enhancements and important fixes.

Features and enhancements

  • Query multiple tenants at once. We’ve introduced cross-tenant query federation, which allows you to issue one query to multiple tenants and get a single, consolidated result. This is great for scenarios where you need a global view of logs within your multi-tenant cluster. For more information on how to enable this feature, see Multi-Tenancy.
  • Filter out and delete certain log lines from query results. This is particularly useful in cases where users may accidentally write sensitive information to Loki that they do not want exposed. Users craft a LogQL query that selects the specific lines they’re interested in, and then can choose to either filter out those lines from query results, or permanently delete them from Loki’s storage. For more information, see Logs Deletion.
  • Improved query performance on instant queries. Loki now splits instant queries with a large time range (for example, sum(rate({app="foo"}[6h]))) into several smaller sub-queries and executes them in parallel. Users don’t need to take any action to enjoy this performance improvement; however, they can adjust the number of sub-queries generated by modifying the split_queries_by_interval configuration parameter, which currently defaults to 30m.
  • Support Baidu AI Cloud as a storage backend. Loki users can now use Baidu Object Storage (BOS) as their storage backend. See bos_storage_config for details.

For a full list of all changes, look at the CHANGELOG.

Upgrade Considerations

As always, please read the upgrade guide before upgrading Loki.

Bug fixes


v2.6.1 includes following fixes:

  • PR 6658 JordanRushing: Updated the versions of dskit and memberlist to allow configuring cluster labels for memberlist. Cluster labels prevent mixing the members between two consistent hash rings of separate applications that are run on the same Kubernetes cluster.
  • PR 6681 MasslessParticle Fixed an HTTP connection leak between the querier and the compactor when the log entry deletion feature is enabled.
  • PR 6583 MasslessParticle Fixed noisy error messages when the log entry deletion feature is disabled for a tenant

2.6.0 bug fixes

V2.6.0 fixes numerous bugs. The CHANGELOG has the complete list.

A summary of some of the more important fixes:

  • PR 6152 Fixed a scenario where live tailing of logs could cause unbounded ingester memory growth.
  • PR 5685 Fixed a bug in Loki’s push request parser that allowed users to send arbitrary non-string data as a log line. We now test that the pushed values are valid strings and return an error if values are not valid strings.
  • PR 5799 Fixed incorrect deduplication logic for cases where multiple log entries with the same timestamp exist.
  • PR 5888 Fixed a bug in the common configuration where the instance_interface_names setting was getting overwritten by the default ring configuration.