Node API

An HTTP API called Node API is available within each GEL binary, and each binary runs either as a microservice (such as an ingester) or in single-process mode where target=all. The Node API fetches basic information about that microservice or single process.

Get debug information

GET /node/api/v1/debug-export

This endpoint exports debug information from the GEL target. The response is a ZIP file with the following structure:

├── config.default.yaml
├── config.actual.yaml
├── process-mappings.txt
├── version.json

The files contain:

  • config.default.yaml The default configuration file for the requested service.

  • config.actual.yaml The actual runtime configuration file for the requested service.

  • process-mappings.txt Shows how memory is being used by the process from the operating system’s perspective.

  • version.json The version information about the requested service.