Send log data to Grafana Enterprise Logs

The following clients are the supported clients for sending logs to Grafana Enterprise Logs (GEL):

  • Grafana Agent - The Grafana Agent is the recommended client for the Grafana stack. It can collect telemetry data for metrics, logs, traces, and continuous profiles and is fully compatible with the Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and Grafana open source ecosystems.
  • Promtail - Promtail can be configured to automatically scrape logs from Kubernetes pods running on the same node that Promtail runs on. Promtail and Prometheus running together in Kubernetes enables powerful debugging: if Prometheus and Promtail use the same labels, users can use tools like Grafana to switch between metrics and logs based on the label set.
    Promtail can be configured to tail logs from all files given a host path. It is the easiest way to send logs to GEL from plain-text files (for example, things that log to /var/log/*.log). Lastly, Promtail works well if you want to extract metrics from logs such as counting the occurrences of a particular message.
  • xk6-loki - The xk6-loki extension lets you perform load testing. The xk6-loki extension permits pushing logs to and querying logs from a GEL instance. It acts as a client, simulating real-world load to test the scalability, reliability, and performance of your GEL installation.