Version 3.0 release notes


Note that the version of GEL now reflects the version of Loki that the GEL release is based on. Patch versions are not expected to always match, but the intent is that major/minor versions should align, making it easier to tell which Loki version is included in each GEL release.

Grafana Enterprise Logs v3.0 is built off of Loki v3.0, so it inherits all the features, enhancements, and bug fixes of the upstream project. For more information about features and fixes in this release, refer to the Loki Release Notes and the Loki CHANGELOG.


Note that Loki 3.0 defaults to using the v13 schema. All of the latest features are built against TSDB and the v13 Schema. This version of the schema is compatible with both Loki 2.9.x and Loki 3.0. The main change is to add support for Structured Metadata which is used by the new OTLP native endpoint and is enabled by default.

Features and enhancements

For the full list of features, enhancements and bug fixes in GEL 3.0.0, refer to the GEL Changelog.

3.0.0 Features and enhancements

  • Updated Loki dependency to v3.0.0.
  • Helm charts: A major upgrade to the Loki Helm chart includes memcached by default and includes several updates to configurations to improve Loki operations.
  • cost management: Support usage tracking based on label name matchers. (#2139) (cf177e4).
  • profiling: Add tracing integration to profiling. (#2069) (9529036).
  • Docs improvements: You will notice a major change in the GEL documentation in this release. The table of contents now matches the standardized information architecture that is being adopted across all the Grafana database products. In addition, the separate “Loki” section of the documentation has been removed. Loki content now appears throughout the GEL documentation, and is pulled directly from the Loki repo so that as Loki topics are updated, those changes are reflected in the GEL documentation.

Upgrade considerations

The path from Loki 2.9.x to 3.0.0 includes several breaking changes. For important upgrade guidance, refer to the Upgrade Guide and the separate Helm Upgrade Guide.

There are no additional GEL-specific upgrade considerations.

Bug fixes

3.0.1 bug fixes

3.0.0 bug fixes