Set up a GEL cluster

Set up a Grafana Enterprise Logs cluster

Grafana Enterprise Logs (GEL) is available as a pre-compiled binary, a Docker image, as well as via common OS-specific packaging. For a list of available download options, refer to the downloads page.

Get a GEL license

A valid Grafana Enterprise Logs license token is required to run GEL’s many added features. Without a valid license token, not all of GEL’s added features will run. However, GEL will still run with all of the functionality of an open-source Loki binary.

If you already have a license for GEL, download it:

  1. From, select Login.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Licenses to download the license token.

If you do not yet have a license token to run GEL, contact a Grafana Labs representative.

Choose a name for your GEL cluster

GEL licenses are issued on a per-cluster basis. Each cluster of GEL that you plan to deploy requires a unique license. When we issue a GEL license, we must have a unique cluster name with which to associate the license.

A cluster name must meet the following criteria:

  • is 3 to 63 characters long
  • contains lowercase letters, numbers, underscores (_), or hyphens (-)
  • begins with a letter or number
  • ends with a letter or number

Deploy your GEL cluster

After you have a Grafana GEL license with an associated cluster name, choose a deployment method to deploy your GEL cluster: