Version 1.8 release notes

The Grafana Enterprise Logs (GEL) team is excited to announce the release of GEL 1.8.

GEL 1.8 is built off of Loki 2.9, so it inherits all the features, enhancements, and bug fixes of the upstream project. Refer to the Loki v2.9 release notes for more information.

For the full list of features, enhancements and bug fixes in GEL 1.8, please see the Changelog.

Features and enhancements

1.8.0 Features and enhancements

  • Updated Loki dependency to 2.9.0

Bug fixes

1.8.6 bug fixes

  • Upgrade to Loki v2.9.4
  • Security fixes for CVE-2023-48795 by upgrading

1.8.5 bug fixes

  • Upgrade Loki to v2.9.3, upgrade otelhttp to 0.44.0, and upgrade base alpine image from 3.18.3 -> 3.18.5 to fix a few CVES (CVE-2023-45142, CVE-2022-21698, CVE-2023-5363).

1.8.4 bug fixes

  • Updated Loki dependency to 2.9.2

  • Fix bug in cache of the index object client in Loki

  • Update grpc-go library to 1.57.2-dev that includes a fix for a bug introduced in 1.57.1.

1.8.3 security fixes

Security fixes for CVE-2023-39325, CVE-2023-44487

  • Upgrade to go 1.21.3
  • Upgrade to v1.58.3
  • Upgrade to v0.17.0

1.8.1 bug fixes

  • Updated Alpine image version from 3.18.2 to 3.18.3