Grafana Enterprise Logs

Grafana Enterprise Logs (GEL) is a commercial offering based on the open source project Loki. The commercial offering allows you to deploy a highly-scalable, simple, and reliable logging cluster in your own data center.

GEL features

With GEL, you get access to new features:

  • Instance management: Easily scale from one to hundreds of logging instances on a single GEL cluster. Each instance provides an isolated, logical separation of the cluster. Operators have full control over the instances that are running on their cluster, by either using the built-in API directly or the official Grafana Enterprise Logs plugin.
  • Token-based authentication: Create and manage tokens with configurable access parameters to interact with logging instances.
  • OSS Loki compatibility: Seamlessly drop a GEL binary into an existing Loki deployment.

Upcoming features

  • Fine-grained access control