Grafana Alloy is the new name for our distribution of the OTel collector. Grafana Agent has been deprecated and is in Long-Term Support (LTS) through October 31, 2025. Grafana Agent will reach an End-of-Life (EOL) on November 1, 2025. Read more about why we recommend migrating to Grafana Alloy.
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Install Grafana Agent in static mode as a standalone binary

Grafana Agent is distributed as a standalone binary for the following operating systems and architectures:

  • Linux: AMD64, ARM64, PPC64, S390X
  • macOS: AMD64, (Intel), ARM64 (Apple Silicon)
  • Windows: AMD64


ppc64le builds are considered secondary release targets and do not have the same level of support and testing as other platforms.

The binary executable will run Grafana Agent in standalone mode. If you want to run Grafana Agent as a service, refer to the installation instructions for:

Download Grafana Agent

To download the Grafana Agent as a standalone binary, perform the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the current Grafana Agent release page.

  2. Scroll down to the Assets section.

  3. Download the grafana-agent zip file that matches your operating system and machine’s architecture.

  4. Extract the package contents into a directory.

  5. If you are installing Grafana Agent on Linux, macOS, or FreeBSD, run the following command in a terminal:


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