Configuring the Yugabyte data source plugin

This document outlines configuration options for the Yugabyte data source.

Configuring the Yugabyte plugin is a two step process:

  1. Installing the yugabyte plugin
  2. Configuring the yugabyte data source

Installing the Yugabyte plugin

To install a plugin, see Install Grafana plugins.

To install the Yugabyte plugin, see Installation on the Yugabyte plugin page.

Configuring the Yugabyte data source

For general information on adding a data source see Add a data source. Only users with the organization administrator role can add data sources.

Set the Yugabyte data source’s basic configuration options:

NameThe data source name. This is how you refer to the data source in panels and queries.
DefaultDefault data source means that it will be pre-selected for new panels.
Host URLThe IP address/hostname and port of your Yugabyte instance.
DatabaseName of your Yugabyte database.
UserDatabase user’s login/username.
PasswordDatabase user’s password.

Configure the data source with provisioning

It is possible to configure data sources using configuration files with Grafana’s provisioning system. To read about how it works, including and all the settings that you can set for this data source, refer to Provisioning Grafana data sources.

Here is a provisioning example for this data source:

apiVersion: 1
  - name: Yugabyte
    type: grafana-yugabyte-datasource
    url: localhost:5433
    user: yugabyte
      database: yb_demo
      password: 123456