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Yugabyte data source plugin

The Yugabyte data source for Grafana allows you to query and visualize data from YugabyteDB.


Grafana Yugabyte data source plugin is currently in public preview. Grafana Labs offers limited support, and breaking changes might occur prior to the feature being made generally available.


The Yugabyte data source has the following requirements:

  • A YugabyteDB instance (on-prem/cloud)

Yugabyte data source plugin vs Postgres data source plugin

Opting for the Yugabyte data source over the PostgreSQL data source can provide several advantages, particularly when exclusively working with YugabyteDB clusters. Unlike the Postgres data source, which is focused on PostgreSQL databases, the Yugabyte data source gives us the ability to implement Yugabyte-specific features and tailored query capabilities.

Known limitations

  • Grafana ad-hoc filters are not supported
  • TLS / Network customization is not supported yet

Compatibility requirements

  • Grafana version >= 10.0.0