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Tired of running your own Graphite?

The benefits of open source, minus the hassle.

What is Grafana Cloud?

Grafana Cloud is a scalable, hosted metrics platform, combining the best parts of Graphite with the power of Grafana.

  • 10x improvement over stock Graphite*
  • Metric-based pricing, grow over time
  • Retain your existing tooling
  • Dedicated Grafana instance
  • Bring your own LDAP/SSO
  • All Premium Plugins included
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Our happiest, most successful Grafana Cloud customers...

Highly Available, Dedicated to You

Are companies where monitoring and observability are growing parts of the business, getting more focus and attention.

Orange Timer

Have realized that engineering energy maintaining and scaling in-house metrics is time better spent elsewhere.


Love Grafana for the flexibility it brings and ability to avoid vendor lock-in, as new projects and products emerge.

What can you expect with Grafana Cloud when migrating from on-prem Graphite?

  • Truly Seamless Transition

    Your Grafana dashboards keep working. So do your collectors, your alerting and the rest of your tooling. Grafana Cloud is a drop-in replacement that will have near-zero impact to your team.

  • Improved Performance

    Customers report 10x improvements to query performance and dashboard load times with Grafana Cloud vs. their existing on-site Grafana.

  • Tags? Tags!

    We've worked with the Graphite community to introduce tagging into Graphite, and Grafana Cloud is the first hosted service to implement these tags on a production-level service.

  • Import of your Historical Data

    Your historical data is welcome here. We can import all your existing data from Whisper format at no additional charge, which means when you cut-over, there is no swapping between old and new services.

  • Modern Day Pricing

    With the advent of microservices, containers, and serverless computing, server-based pricing is prehistoric. We charge based on either datapoints per minute or unique series; the way you already think about your metrics.

  • Rapid Feature Deployments

    As the maintainers of Grafana and core contributors to the Graphite project, Grafana Cloud is constantly releasing feature enhancements on the storage, visualization and alerting layers. Get all the latest benefits without the headache of upgrading yourself.

I don't have to worry about scaling Graphite now that I'm using Grafana Cloud. Plus my Dashboards have never loaded faster.–Dayton Turner, CEO, Voxter

Let our tech speak for itself.

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