Open source

Add a CSV data source

  1. In the side menu, click the Configuration tab (cog icon)
  2. Click Add data source in the top-right corner of the Data Sources tab
  3. Enter CSV in the search box to find the CSV data source
  4. Click the search result that says CSV
  5. In URL, enter a URL that points to CSV content

Allow local mode

This allows you to read files from local computer.

Reading files from the local file system is disabled by default. To allow local mode, add the following to your Grafana config file:

allow_local_mode = true

Note: Local mode option is not available in Grafana Cloud and other hosted grafana environments. In such cases, use a web server such as nginx to serve the CSV files over http and then use http url such as http://localhost/my-csv-app/my-csv-file.csv.