Grafana Sqlyze Data source

A Grafana data source plugin that connects to hundreds of datasources using one language: SQL. Connect to your favorite SQL databases, NoSQL databases, and many other non-SQL sources…and query them with SQL.


This plugin is currently in BETA development and subject to change.

The data source uses ODBC

This plugin has a dependency on ODBC. Windows/Linux/MacOS all support ODBC. Some dependencies may need to be installed.

Using ODBC with Linux or MacOS

Install or make sure unixODBC is installed

This plugin requires an ODBC driver. ODBC Drivers are available through 3rd parties. See below for a list.

Time series

To format your queries for time series, simply use the alias: as time

select date_start as time, foo, avg(bar) as bar
from foo_bar

Short list of known drivers and settings


Setting Example Value
Driver /Applications/dsdriver/lib/libdb2o.dylib
Timeout (seconds) 10
port 50000
uid db2inst1
pwd ••••••••••••
database sample



Third party drivers

Settings vary per driver. This plugin allows any key/value pair to support various ODBC drivers.