Grafana Enterprise Traces configuration

Grafana Enterprise Traces utilizes a configuration that is a superset of the Tempo configuration file.

The configuration reference descriptions configuration options specific to GET.

GET services

You can also configure these GET services:

  • Cluster query federation. This optional federation-frontend service can aggregate data from multiple GET clusters in a single query. This service works with searches and TraceQL.

  • The GET gateway is a service target that proxies requests to other GET microservices. You can also use it for client-side load balancing of requests proxied to the distributors.

  • OAuth integration. GET supports the OpenID Connect (OIDC) core standard to validate tokens. GET can integrate with an existing OAuth token provider at your organization.


GET supports multitenancy in the metrics-generator through the use of environment variables and per-tenant overrides. Refer to the Multitenant Support for Metrics-Generator documentation for more information.