Hosted Metrics

Built to scale. Built for speed. Built for Grafana.

Data volumes are exploding, can your TSDB keep up? Hosted Metrics gives you the scalability you need, at a price that makes sense. It’s the perfect data source for Grafana.

Hosted Metrics

Leave the heavy lifting to us, so you can focus on what’s important.

Metrics as a Service
Metrics as a Service

Say goodbye to the complication of maintaining and scaling your on-premises time series database. Hosted Metrics is an always-on, redundant service.

High Scale. High Speed.
High Scale. High Speed.

Millions of datapoints per second? No problem. Hosted Metrics is designed for large scale users. Our optimized backend and in-memory cache offer lightning fast responses.

100% Graphite and Prometheus Compatible
Graphite and Prometheus Compatible

GrafanaCloud includes a high performance metrics backend, fully compatible with Graphite and Prometheus. Choose either (or both) and unify all your metrics seamlessly within Grafana.

It wasn't possible for us to do what the Grafana Labs team has done in terms of scaling, performance and reliability.–Alex Ulstein, Head of Monitoring, WixRead Case Study

The flexibility of open source. The convenience of SaaS.

Sensible Pricing
Sensible Pricing

SaaS pricing is out of control. Stop paying $15 per server! Hosted Metrics is sensibly priced, and optimized for large users and modern infrastructure.

Own your Data Destiny
Own your Data Destiny

Don't trade data ownership for convenience. Hosted Metrics offers optional scheduled backups of your data to S3. As always, connect and unify your existing data sources.

Optimized for Grafana
Optimized for Grafana

Hosted Metrics is the perfect backend for Grafana. With an optimized query editor, you can get to the heart of your data, without needing to learn a new language.

I don't have to worry about scaling Graphite now that I'm using GrafanaCloud. Plus my Dashboards have never loaded faster.–Dayton Turner, CEO, Voxter


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WTF is a MetricTon?

WTF is a

A MetricTon (MT) is our name for a basic “unit of monitoring”. Each MT includes the following capacity:

Unique series: 3,000+
Datapoints per minute: 18,000+

Each MT has enough capacity to handle monitoring 20+ “normal servers”
(assuming 150 series per server at 10 second resolution)

Pro Hosted Metrics

3 MetricTons

  • Good for 60+ Servers
  • 9,000 Unique Series
  • 54,000 Datapoints per Minute
  • 2 years data retention
  • Graphite and Prometheus compatibility
$267 /month

Additional usage billed at $89/MT/month

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Based in the EU?

We've got you covered.

GDPR regulations are here to stay. You may now be required to comply with these rules by storing your data in the EU. We’re introducing new locations in Europe to help you stay GDPR compliant.

Learn more about EU Hosted Metrics

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it easy to set up?

    Sending data is easy, and you can keep using your existing agents like collectd or snap. We accept data in Graphite line protocol and metrics 2.0 format. We also provide a relay that you can use to duplicate data to Hosted Metrics, allowing you to try it without switching over.

  • How do you price? By server?

    We think server-based pricing is suboptimal with the advent of microservices, containers, and serverless computing. Instead, we charge based on a unit of monitoring (the MetricTon). Each MT can handle 18,000 DPM (datapoints per minute) and 3,000 unique series; enough for 20+ “normal” servers.

  • Why can’t I buy a smaller plan?

    We just launched Hosted Metrics, and are initially focused on large scale users. We plan to launch a generous free tier soon, along with more entry level plans.

  • Can you import my historical data?

    Absolutely. We can import all your historical data from Whisper format at no additional charge. This service is included in all plans.

  • What about custom metrics?

    Since we don’t charge per server, there is no additional charge for custom metrics. A metric is a metric as far as GrafanaCloud is concerned. There are no limits or special charges for custom metrics.

  • How do you deal with usage bursts?

    We guarantee that you can burst to 200% of your current usage, and we don’t penalize you for unexpected overages. We disregard the most bursty 36 hours every month, so temporary bursts are not a problem.

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