Introducing GrafanaCloud

Open Source Monitoring. Minus the Hassle.

GrafanaCloud makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a complete Grafana stack in the cloud. Avoid SaaS lock-in with our fully open and composable analytics platform.


Your own Grafana stack. Fully managed. Production ready.

Zero Maintenance
Zero Maintenance

Run the latest versions of our software, maintained and supported by the core developers that build it.

Control your data destiny
Open and Extensible

GrafanaCloud is built on open source technologies. Use your existing tooling, and avoid SaaS lock-in.

Turnkey Integrations

It’s time to empower your team. Launch, scale an entire Grafana stack via our GUI or API. Install plugins and dashboards with a single click.

Harness the power of Grafana
Get the most from Grafana

Combine Grafana with an optimized Graphite compatible data store. Get a complete monitoring stack, from ingest to insight.

True Interoperability
True Interoperability

Is all your data in a single database? We didn’t think so. Unify your data, no matter where it lives.

Sensible Pricing
Break Down Silos

Bring your team together. Authenticate using your existing workflow. Share and collaborate on dashboards.

The GrafanaCloud stack

Visualize and Alert

Visualize and Alert

with Hosted Grafana

  • Managed by the Grafana team
  • The software you know and love
  • One-click plugin management
More about Hosted Grafana
Store and Transform

Store and Transform

with Hosted Metrics

(and your existing datasources)

  • Handles millions of points per second
  • Graphite compatible
  • Import your existing Whisper data
More about Hosted Metrics
Across your Whole Stack

Across your Whole Stack

with Dashboards & Plugins

  • Hundreds of ready made dashboards
  • Plugins for every database
  • Premium plugins for Enterprise software
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