All-in-one AWS monitoring in Grafana Cloud

Visualize and alert on more than 60 Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources in minutes.

Why use Grafana Cloud for AWS monitoring?

Easy, fast setup

Securely connect your AWS resources to the fully managed Grafana Cloud observability stack without the need for local agents, exporters, or instrumentation libraries.

Unify your AWS data

Store metrics and logs from more than 60 different services in a unified backend powered by open source and built for massive scale.

Control costs

Define the exact aggregated metrics you want to connect for each AWS cloud service — whether it’s one or many — to help manage your budget.

One AWS monitoring tool, multiple ways to connect

Send logs and metrics to Grafana Cloud with the integrations that fit your needs:

  • Amazon CloudWatch for metrics
  • AWS Lambda-Promtail for logs
One AWS monitoring tool, multiple ways to connect
Turnkey AWS dashboards

Turnkey AWS dashboards

Quickly spin up dozens of prebuilt dashboards for your AWS services as well as your cloud costs. Popular AWS dashboards include:

  • AWS Billing
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon RDS

Observe all your cloud environments in one place

Centralize your AWS data with your metrics, logs, and more from other data sources.

  • Data is unified in Grafana Cloud, giving you access to unlimited, fast queries.
  • Create alerts and explore your data with a single query across AWS regions and services, using PromQL-based query languages.
  • Securely send your telemetry between virtual private clouds (VPCs), supported AWS services, and your on-premises networks without exposing your traffic to the public internet, saving on egress fees.
Observe all your cloud environments in one place
Simple UI for metrics and cost management

Simple UI for metrics and cost management

Configurable metrics, statistics, and refresh frequencies mean more predictable costs. Only pull what you need, when you need it, right down to the exact statistic.

It’s easy to get started

For full implementation details and best practices


Sign up

Create your free Grafana Cloud account.


Connect your data

With a few clicks, set up default configurations for prebuilt AWS dashboards.



Data will stream from AWS into Grafana Cloud.

Grafana Cloud in AWS Marketplace

Grafana Cloud in AWS Marketplace
Our monitoring and observability is not just about servers, APIs, or resource usage in AWS. It’s now about how we can adopt the tools provided by Grafana Cloud at a business level and use them to look at the success of our customers on our platform.
Giacomo Orizzonte
Cloud Infrastructure Manager | Kushki

Ready to get started with Grafana Cloud for AWS monitoring?

To monitor your AWS services, you have three options in Grafana Cloud. All plans come with prebuilt dashboards plus metrics and alerting rules.

Cloud Free

Best suited for early stage and small teams that monitor small-scale applications
Easiest way to get started

Cloud Pro

Best suited for organizations looking to monitor many AWS services across multiple teams.

Cloud Advanced

Best suited for enterprises with multi-account, multi-region AWS deployments.