Grafana Cloud

AWS solution

The AWS solution for Grafana Cloud provides you with a single place to gain better visibility into the health and performance of your infrastructure and large scale applications. With our AWS solution, you can use these integrations to send to Grafana Cloud:

  • CloudWatch metrics: Connect and pull AWS CloudWatch metrics into Grafana Cloud without deploying or installing any local agents or configurations.
  • Logs with Lambda: Connect and send your logs to Grafana Cloud by deploying a Lambda-compatible agent for logs (lambda-promtail) into your AWS infrastructure.

Integration compared to data source

Integrations are different from data sources. An integration not only pulls data from CloudWatch, it sends data to Grafana Cloud. When you use a CloudWatch data source, the data remains in CloudWatch and is not sent to Grafana Cloud.

Benefits of the AWS solution

With the AWS solution, you connect CloudWatch data by forwarding and storing it in Grafana Cloud. You don’t need to run the Grafana Agent or a specific exporter yourself. Instead, you provide Grafana with access using AWS account delegation or configure AWS to send your data directly to Grafana Cloud.

Start work instead of managing a backend

AWS integrations in Grafana Cloud provide you with access to a fast, scalable backend that you don’t have to manage. Instead of running your own exporter to pull cloud data to a local observability system, you can use our cloud-native solution to keep your data in the cloud, with minimal setup overhead.

Configure simply and securely

You configure integrations with no exchange of credentials required. We follow AWS best practices for granting third parties access.

Access, query, alert on, and interact with centralized data

You can use the AWS solution to access and manage your metrics and logs in Grafana Cloud, and work with your observability data in a centralized, consistent way. All data is stored in a single backend along with the rest of your observability data. You can write single queries that span all data, including infrastructure and application data.

With metrics, you send your CloudWatch data from multiple AWS regions to Grafana Cloud. Metrics data is stored in Prometheus format. You can:

  • Query and alert on metrics data using the power of PromQL.
  • Ingest the tags from your AWS instance to make them available for querying and alerting. This allows you to identify what a particular resource is, without visiting your AWS Console.

You can explore your logs with LogQL, and easily perform cross-account and cross-region querying and alerting out of the box, managed by Grafana Mimir.