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AppDynamics datasource

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AppDynamics Grafana Datasource

The AppDynamics datasource for Grafana allows you to query metrics from AppDynamics using its Metrics API and visualize them in Grafana dashboards.

The plugin is maintained as a premium plugin by the Grafana Core team.


Grafana CLI

grafana-cli plugins install dlopes7-appdynamics-datasource

With docker

With the command below, grafana will start on localhost:3000 ( if on windows)

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name grafana -e "GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS=dlopes7-appdynamics-datasource" grafana/grafana

Note on the Datasource config

Use Server (proxy) access (to avoid CORS and users looking up your password) and basic authentication. Remember that the username should be "user@account", i.e: or my_user@saas_account_name



The supported template queries for now are:

  1. Applications (All Applications)
  2. AppName.BusinessTransactions (All BTs for the Application Name)
  3. AppName.Tiers (All Tiers for the Application Name)
  4. AppName.Nodes (All Nodes for the Application Name)
  5. AppName.TierName.BusinessTransactions (All BTs for a specific Tier)
  6. AppName.TierName.Nodes (All Nodes for a specific Tier)
  7. AppName.Path.<Any Metric Path> (Any metric Path can be specified)


Install Plugin


  • Grafana 3.x.x