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Grafana AppDynamics Datasource

This plugin is developed by the community and not officially supported by AppDynamics.

When configuring the datasource, use "proxy" and basic authentication. Remember that the username should be "user@account", i.e: david.lopes@customer1


  • Auto completion for Application and Metric names.
  • Multiple applications on the same panel.
  • Select multiple metrics with the wildcard character *.
  • Powerful templating features, one dashboard, multiple apps, tiers, nodes, bts, etc!
  • Select TopX Metrics (top 10 JVMs per Garbage Collection time, top 15 BTs per errors, etc)
  • Compare different timeframes on the same panel! How are we today if compared to yesterday? Or last week?

Templating examples

Returns all Applications available in AppDynamics

All tiers for the Ecommerce application

All nodes for the selected Tier template variable for the Ecommerce application

ECommerce.Path.Service Endpoints|$Tier|
All Service Endpoints for the Tier template variable of the ECommerce application

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  • Grafana 3.x.x