Learn about Grafana plugins, including integrations with other commercial monitoring tools (such as Datadog, Splunk, New Relic, ServiceNow, Oracle, and Dynatrace) that are created, maintained, and supported by the Grafana Labs team.

Join Christine Wang and Aengus Rooney from the Grafana Labs Solutions Engineering team for this webinar, which will cover the following topics:

  • How the product team decides which features and solutions to build into our plugins
  • How Enterprise customers are deriving value from these plugins
  • Deep dive on several plugins, such as how to create template variables and how their query editors work

Additional resources

Plugins like Datadog, Splunk, New Relic, ServiceNow, Oracle, and Dynatrace are available for customers with a Grafana Cloud account, or with a Grafana Enterprise license.

Explore our plugin pages to learn more and get started.

Grafana Cloud Pro

  • $25 / user / month and includes a free trial for new users
  • Available with a Grafana Cloud Pro plan
  • Access to 1 Enterprise plugin
  • Fully managed service (not available to self-manage)

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Grafana Cloud Advanced/Grafana Enterprise

  • Available with a Grafana Cloud Advanced plan or Grafana Enterprise license
  • Access to all Enterprise plugins
  • Run fully managed or self-manage on your own infrastructure

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Christine Wang

Christine Wang

Solutions Engineer Manager at Grafana Labs

Christine Wang is a Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs, where she brings the people element to technical integrations. After joining her first tech startup almost 12 years ago, she’s worked in a variety of user-centric roles for SaaS, ad tech, developer platform, and data companies. When she’s not evangelizing why everyone should use Grafana, you can find her making curry stew every Thursday night and browsing Ikea’s online catalogue for the fifth time this week.

Aengus Rooney

Aengus Rooney

Senior Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs

Aengus Rooney is part of the Solutions Engineering team at Grafana Labs. He started his career by taking old radios and computers apart and learning the hard way that they are easier to break than to build. So he decided to study the discipline and ended up working in the industry for many years, mostly in data platform and data engineering roles, and along with that, monitoring, metrics, logs and traces. When Aengus is not head down in graphs, widgets, and terminals, he enjoys cooking for friends and family, outdoor activities, and dreaming about completing a triathlon.