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Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

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Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring data source

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring (previously SignalFx) for Grafana.


There are only two fields required to complete the configuration:

  • Access Token: is generated by your SignalFx account. There's more than one type that you can choose from.
  • Realm: A self-contained deployment that hosts your organization. You can find your realm name on your profile page when signed in to the SignalFx user interface.


Using the Query Editor

The query editor accepts a SignalFlow program/query.


A Signalflow label (publish(label = 'foo')) is applied as metadata to the results: "label":"foo"

Using Template Variables

Creating template variables is generally the same as with any plugin.

Query Type Template Variables

Creating a query type template variable is also very similar, but there is no Query field. Instead, you select one of the following query types:

Ad-hoc Filters

Ad hoc filters are supported, allowing global filters using dimensions.

Using Annotations

Grafana annotations are supported.

When creating Annotations, use SignalFlow Alerts or Events queries.

Example of getting Alerts for a detector:


Example of getting custom Events by type:



For more information, refer to SignalFlow.

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.

Change Log


[1.0.0] - 2021-4-12

  • Chore: Update SDK

[0.9.5] 2021-3-25

  • Drone extension update

[0.9.4] 2021-3-24

  • Use latest integration bot

[0.9.1] 2021-3-18

  • Add dashboard using sample data

[0.9.0] 2021-2-8

  • Initial beta release