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The official New Relic data source from Grafana Labs

Enterprise plugins, along with support and assistance from the core team behind Grafana, are available with Grafana Enterprise.

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New Relic Data Source

New Relic APM and Insights for Grafana.


  • Template variables
    • Metric names
    • Metric values
  • Annotations
  • Aliasing
    • Metric names
    • Metric values
  • Ad-hoc filters
    • Not currently supported
  • Alerting


  1. Install.
  2. Add the data source; filling out the fields for your personal API key/user API key and account ID.


Service Types

  1. Metrics: for querying New Relic APM via New Relic's REST API.
  2. Insights: for querying New Relic Insights via NRQL.


You can combine plain text with the following variables:

VariableDescriptionExample value
$__nr_metricMetric nameCPU/User time
$__nr_metric_valueMetric valuesaverage_value

…to produce custom output. For example:

Server: $__nr_server Metric: $__nr_metric

Templates and Variables

  1. Create a template variable for your dashboard.
  2. Select the "Query" type.
  3. Select the "New Relic" data source.
  4. Formulate a query using relative REST API endpoints (excluding file extensions).

List of available applications:


List of available metrics for an application:


NRQL Macros

In order to improve the writing experience when creating NRQL queries, the editor supports predefined macros:

  • $__timeFilter (or [[timeFilter]]) will interpolate to SINCE <from> UNTIL <to> based on your dashboard's time range.


SELECT average(value) FROM $event_template_variable $__timeFilter TIMESERIES

For further hints on how to use macros and template variables, refer to the editor's help section.

Alert Events

Annotations editor (alerts)

Select your New Relic data source and set additional filters. Without any filters set, all events will be returned.

If you want to filter events by Entity ID, please use template variables because you will be able to select the entity name instead of ID. For example, to filter events for a particular application, create a variable _$app_ which retrieves a list of apps and uses it as an Entity ID filter.

Deployment Events

Application ID is required field.

Annotations editor (deployments)

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  • Grafana 7.0.x