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JVM dashboard


Complete dashboard using metrics from prometheus JMX exporter, with drill down per job > instance
Last updated: 4 years ago

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Gist is here

Based on JMX exporter prometheus.

Dashboard for jvm_* metrics which are exported by JMX exporter.

Prometheus with config example:

  - job_name: 'java'
    - targets: ['<host>:<port>']

You can change config file's job_name and dashboard's job constant variable correspondingly.

jmx-exporter config example:

lowercaseOutputLabelNames: true
lowercaseOutputName: true
whitelistObjectNames: ["java.lang:type=OperatingSystem"]
blacklistObjectNames: []
  - pattern: 'java.lang<type=OperatingSystem><>(committed_virtual_memory|free_physical_memory|free_swap_space|total_physical_memory|total_swap_space)_size:'
    name: os_$1_bytes
    type: GAUGE
    attrNameSnakeCase: true
  - pattern: 'java.lang<type=OperatingSystem><>((?!process_cpu_time)\w+):'
    name: os_$1
    type: GAUGE
    attrNameSnakeCase: true
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