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Sense Collector provides a way of collecting real-time data from the Sense Energy Monitor. These Grafana dashboards offer visualizations for detected devices and smart plugs and their wattage, voltage, and amp utilization.
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Device Overview is the main dashboard for Sense Collector. Here you'll see several different sections about both overall and detailed device details.

Current Wattage: A Bubble Chart showing current wattage usage by device. Larger circles represent higher wattage consumption.

Wattage By Device (Stacked): Wattage overtime per device. The graph is stacked to represent total household wattage.

Device Status: This is a State Timeline representing event data from the Sensor Monitor over time. It currently represents three states, On, Off, and Idle.

Device Details - Average: A table view of current data representing the current state, state time, watts in use, average, and always on makeup. Average duration, monthly kWh, percent, and the number of runs are also listed. This table defaults to be sorted by "Watts (In Use)."

Device Details - Current Month: Shows the number of runs per device since the start of the current month.

Device Details - Yearly: Shows calculated kWh and costs for each device. The text next to each device provides details on how the costs are calculated. For example, "Based on the last 30 days," "Based on the last 7 days," or "Based on last season."

Plug Details: If you have any of the Sense compatible smart plugs, they will be listed here as well. Open up this row to display Volts and Amps measured by each plug. There's another measurement (Who Knows By Plugs), but I don't know what it does yet.

Always On Devices: Shows which devices that the Sense monitor has detected to have an Always On wattage component. This may be different than actual wattage and tends to update less frequently.

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