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Bubble Chart

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Bubble Chart Panel Plugin for Grafana

This panel is meant to have a centralized view of any component in the form of a bubble chart. Circles are grouped together into clusters based on tag values and circle size and color represents the aggregated value of time series data.


Circles are grouped in multiple clusters as per alias format. Tag values separated by a group separator in alias field define chart hierarchy and grouping. For e.g. '$tag_dc,$tag_host' or 'DataCenter: $tag_dc, Host: $tag_host' will group all hosts under each data center circle. By default, a comma is a group separator which can be changed under 'Options' tab.



  • Show Text - Enable/Disable the text display within a circle.
  • Stat - Aggregate data same as singlestat panel.
  • Unit - Formats same as singlestate panel. Mouse hover on any circle will display the formatted value.
  • Group Separator - Tag values separator in Alias for grouping.
  • Color Schemes - Multiple color schemes.
    • Group - In grouping scheme, circles are colored as per their grouping.
      • Colors - Start and end range of colors for group hierarchy.
    • Threshold - In threshold scheme, circles are colored as per threshold values.
      • Thresholds - Threshold values.
      • Colors - Colors for different threshold values.
    • Gradient - In gradient scheme, circles are colored as per component value.
      • Thresholds - Threshold values.
      • Colors - Colors for gradient scale.
    • Unique - In the unique scheme, different colors categories are applied to circles.


Tested against following databases.

  • OpenTSDB
  • Bosun
  • MySQL
    • Use CONCAT function for the metric field in SQL expression to achieve multiple group hierarchy.
    UNIX_TIMESTAMP(date) as time_sec,
    amt as value,
    CONCAT(server, ',', org) as metric
    FROM trade
    WHERE $__timeFilter(date)
    ORDER BY date ASC

Hopefully, it would work with other databases also.

Screenshots: Different color schemes.

Gradient color scheme Unique color scheme Threshold color scheme Group color scheme

Release Notes

Installing Bubble Chart on Grafana Cloud:

For more information, visit the docs on plugin installation.