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The USE Method / Node Dashboard for the Prometheus Node Exporter
Last updated: a year ago

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USE Method / Node

This dashboard includes panels for the following metrics. To learn more about USE (Utilization, Saturation, and Errors) metrics, please see The USE Method:

  • CPU Utilization
  • CPU Saturation (Load per CPU)
  • Memory Utilisation
  • Memory Saturation (Major Page Faults)
  • Net Utilization (Bytes Receive/Transmit)
  • Net Saturation (Drops Receive/Transmit)
  • Disk I/O Utilization
  • Disk I/O Saturation

This dashboard was generated using the Node-exporter mixin. It uses the job=node selector to query metrics. If you need to use a different job selector, modify the selector in config.libsonnet and regenerate the dashboard following the instructions in the mixin repository.

You need to import several Prometheus recording rules before using this dashboard. To learn more, please see the Node Exporter guide

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