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You want to monitor the 389 Directory Server DBs activity and load. Please download and compile the ds389 input plugin, now in beta version at Github.

  • Create your telegraf config file, with many LDAP instances tags as your need.
  • Test the plugin to ensure you are collecting the data as explained in the plugin README
  • Then install this dashboard and enjoy!

PS: the alert section still has to improve.

The plugin is still waiting to be added to Telegraf. Meanwhile you can add it as external here.

Collector Configuration Details

# 389 Directory Server cn=Monitor plugin
  host = "localhost"
  port = 389

  # ldaps, starttls, or no encryption. default is an empty string, disabling all encryption.
  # note that port will likely need to be changed to 636 for ldaps
  # valid options: "" | "starttls" | "ldaps"
  #protocol = ""

  # skip peer certificate verification. Default is false.
  insecure_skip_verify = false

  # Path to PEM-encoded Root certificate to use to verify server certificate
  tls_ca = "/etc/ssl/certs.pem"

  # dn/password to bind with. If bind_dn is empty, an anonymous bind is performed.
  bindDn = ""
  bindPassword = ""
  ## Gather dbname to monitor
  # Comma separated list of db filename
  # dbtomonitor = ["exampleDB"]
  # If true, alldbmonitor monitors all db and overrides "dbtomonitor".
  alldbmonitor = false

  # Connections status monitor
  status = false

    instance = "instance-name"
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