Grafana Trademark Policy.

Word mark and logo usage policy

This Trademark Policy (“Trademark Policy”), prepared by Coding Instinct AB (“Coding Instinct”) and raintank Inc. (“raintank”), sets out rules for proper use of the mark “Grafana” (“the Grafana Word Mark”) and the “Grafana Logo” or “Grafana Logos”, when referring to the Grafana project and code base.

The Grafana Word Mark, the Grafana Logos and all Grafana trademarks (hereinafter referred to individually as a “Grafana Mark” or collectively as “Grafana Marks”) are trademarks of Coding Instinct.

This Trademark Policy applies to all uses of the Grafana Marks (in word and logo form).


The objective of this Trademark Policy is to ensure that the Grafana Marks remain reliable indicators of source and quality and that they are protected from inappropriate and unauthorized use.

The Trademark Policy explains when and how you may use the Grafana Marks without our written authorization, when Coding Instinct’s written permission is required, and what Coding Instinct considers to be unauthorized use of the Grafana Marks.

Coding Instinct reserves the right to review all usage of the Grafana Marks within the open source community and to terminate use of the Marks by any party for non-compliance with this Trademark Policy or written authorization. Coding Instinct may change this Trademark Policy at its sole discretion at any time effective immediately unless your license agreement states that the changes will become effective at a later time.




You must use a Grafana Mark in accordance with this Policy and the applicable license agreement. To the extent any part of the Trademark Policy conflicts or is inconsistent with any part of a written agreement between you and Coding Instinct the written agreement shall control. No other rights of any kind are granted hereunder by implication or otherwise.

You will need written permission from us to use the Grafana Marks: (i) for any commercial use, including but not limited to use on or in relation to a software product that includes or is built on top of a product or code supplied by Coding Instinct; (ii) merchandising or marketing; or (iii) for use in an attention-getting or branding manner.

Without the express prior written consent of Coding Instinct, no Grafana Marks may be used in a manner that implies an affiliation with, approval by, endorsement of or sponsorship by Coding Instinct.


We share the Grafana Word Mark with the community for the purposes of open source discussion, development and support of the Grafana project and technology. We understand that such use is mostly for non-commercial purposes and therefore we will allow the use of the Grafana Word Mark, without a license, when used in a referential phrase only to describe the Grafana project or the Grafana code base, provided you comply with the following requirements:

The Grafana Word Mark is used in a manner consistent with this Trademark Policy and usage guidelines below;

  1. You have not modified or forked Grafana, and are using our official binaries
  2. There is no commercial activity associated with the use of the Grafana Word Mark, including the requirement of third-party commercial software or services;
  3. The Grafana Word Mark is used only to refer to the Grafana project and/or technology
  4. The Grafana Word Mark is not used in an attention-getting or branding manner, or used as part of your product or service name;
  5. The Grafana Word Mark appears less prominent than your company or product name.
  6. The reference to Grafana does not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with Coding Instinct, the Grafana project, or the Grafana community.


The Grafana Logos may not be used without prior written authorization from Coding Instinct, unless it is for community building activities, provided these activities and uses are not commercial in nature.

Such community building activities include presentations at open source conferences, activities promoting the Grafana project, or collateral for promoting and organizing a Grafana meetup.

You may also use the Grafana Logo for referential purposes. For example, when you are referring to the Grafana project in your presentations.

When using the logo for referential purposes you may not use the logo in a trademark sense (as part of your product/company name and/or logo), your company logo must be more prominently displayed, you may only use the Grafana Logo as much as it is necessary to identify the Grafana project, you do nothing to suggest sponsorship or endorsement by Grafana or Coding Instinct, and you use the Grafana trademark notice.

In all cases, you must follow the guidelines in this Policy.

For all other uses, you must have a trademark license to use a Grafana Logo.


Third parties may use the Grafana Word Mark in publications, such as books or magazines, or in connection with the presentations and publications that are displayed to the public (collectively, “Publications”), provided that:

  1. Such use is referential only: you are simply referring to the Grafana project and not speaking for the Grafana project or community.
  2. The Grafana Word Mark is not used to promote your own products and services.
  3. The Grafana Word Mark is not used in an attention-getting or branding manner.
  4. Your name or mark and logo shall appear in a prominent location on the cover or the title page of the Publication and shall be featured with greater prominence than the Grafana Word Mark.
  5. You do not apply to register or register any term comprised or consisting of in whole or in part the Grafana Word Mark or any confusingly similar mark as trademarks, service marks, corporate names, trade names or domain names, Internet keywords, metatags, or trigger words to lead to a website or other Internet destination.
  6. You comply with this Trademark Policy and usage guidelines.
  7. You attribute the Grafana Marks with the proper symbol and footnote it on all Publications as explained below.

No written permission is needed from Coding Instinct to use the Grafana Word Mark in this limited manner in connection with Publications.

However, Grafana Logos may be used only with Coding Instinct’s prior written permission.


Unauthorized use of the Grafana Marks or marks that are confusingly similar may constitute an infringement of Coding Instinct trademark rights and are strictly prohibited. The following are examples of unauthorized uses of the Grafana Marks:

  1. Use of Grafana Marks in connection with third party marks: Use of the Grafana Marks in connection with or as part of company names, product names, trademarks, or logos is not allowed. Do not hyphenate or include Grafana with your product name to create a new product name. You may not use or register, in whole or in part, Grafana, Grafana Logos or any other Grafana trademarks, including Coding Instinct-owned graphic symbols, icons or any alteration thereof, as part of your trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, product name or service name. You may not incorporate the Grafana Marks into the name or logo of your website, domain name, Internet keywords, social media accounts, metatags, or trigger words to lead to a website or other Internet destination, product, business or service.
  2. Incorporation of all or a portion of an Grafana Mark into a domain name: You may not register a domain name or use a registered domain name that includes “Grafana” an Grafana Mark or any of the marks owned by Coding Instinct or its affiliates, or any marks that are phonetically equivalent to or confusingly similar to the these marks.
  3. Merchandise items: The manufacture or sale of merchandising items, including but not limited to T-shirts, mugs, and notebooks, bearing the Grafana Marks, except as may be permitted in a written license from Coding Instinct.
  4. Damaging Use: Use of the Grafana Marks or any other Coding Instinct-owned graphic, symbol or logo in a manner that disparages Coding Instinct, the Grafana project and community or its technology or damages the brand integrity, including use of the Grafana Marks in a manner that is, in Coding Instinct’s opinion, offensive, defamatory, illegal or unethical.
  5. Confusingly similar marks: you may not use trademarks, logos or other content that is confusingly similar to the Grafana Marks, Coding Instinct-owned graphics, symbols or any logos.
  6. Variations or abbreviations or combinations with any other marks: you may not use variations, foreign language equivalent or abbreviation of the Grafana Marks for any purpose.
  7. Endorsement or Sponsorship: You may not use Grafana Marks to imply approval, sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation of your company, website, products or services by Coding Instinct or the Grafana project.
  8. Please note that the preceding examples are illustrative rather than an exhaustive list of types of unauthorized uses of the Grafana Marks. All rights not explicitly granted in this Trademark Policy are expressly reserved by Coding Instinct.


The following guidelines set forth the rules for the display of the Grafana Marks for permitted uses of the Grafana Marks under this Trademark Policy:

  1. Product descriptor to follow Grafana Word Mark: To the extent use of the Grafana Word Mark is permitted, the Grafana Word Mark must be used with a descriptive or generic ‘product descriptor’ that follows the Grafana Mark. For example, “Grafana technology,” “Grafana software,” “Grafana code,” but NOT “Grafana”
  2. No alterations: When using Grafana Marks, you shall never vary the spelling, hyphenation or spacing of the any portion of the marks. Examples of Improper Display of a Grafana Mark: Graf-ana; GRAFana. Examples of Proper Display of a Grafana Mark: Grafana
  3. You shall never use a Grafana Mark as a verb or noun or in possessive or plural form.
  4. When using a Grafana Logo or graphic design, you shall never modify the logo or design, add or delete any words, or change any color or proportion from those set forth in the Logo Usage Guidelines below or elsewhere in this Trademark Policy.
  5. Trademark Notice Symbol: When using the Grafana Marks, you must use the appropriate trademark symbol (either ™ or ®) as a notice to third parties of Coding Instinct rights in its marks. A trademark notice symbol must be used in connection with the first and most prominent usage of a mark (e.g. “Grafana”). A Grafana Logo must always appear with the ™ notice in every use.
  6. Attribution statement: You acknowledge the rights of Coding Instinct in the Grafana Marks and agree not to register or seek to register any Grafana Marks in any country. You agree that you will not acquire any rights in the Grafana Marks and that any goodwill generated by your use of the Grafana Marks inures solely to Grafana’s benefit. You also agree that “Grafana” is not descriptive or generic and you agree not to challenge Coding Instinct’s rights in the Grafana Marks, including but not limited to its trademark applications and registrations, on any grounds.

You must make clear that you are not Coding Instinct and that you do not represent Coding Instinct, or the Grafana community. You must also ensure that your use of the Grafana Marks does not create any confusion as to the source of your products, services and activities and those of the Grafana community or Coding Instinct.

All uses of Grafana Marks must identify the Marks as being trademarks of Coding Instinct with our standard trademark attribution statement. The following statement must be used in all materials using the Grafana Marks, including but not limited to websites, publications, splash screens, screenshots or in documentation: “The Grafana Word Mark and Grafana Logo are either registered trademarks/service marks or trademarks/service marks of Coding Instinct AB, in the United States and other countries and are used with Coding Instinct’s permission. We are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Coding Instinct, or the Grafana community.”


Our logos are presented in multiple colors and it is important the visual integrity remains the same. The following Logo Usage Guidelines apply:

Grafana Logo: Written permission is always required unless you fall within non commercial and community use as described in this document. Contact us by email at

Community Use of the Grafana Logo: Get the Logo for the Grafana non-commercial community building purposes from

While you may scale the size to suit your needs, you may not modify any of the Grafana Logos or in any other way (such as by changing the design or color or the relative proportions of the elements which comprise the logo).

If your use of a Grafana Logo or Grafana Badge contains a web link, it must link only to

Grafana Logos and Badges may not be placed in areas of your website that are password protected.

Please note that no Grafana Logo, other than specified in this Policy, may be used without the express written permission of Coding Instinct.


If you wish to obtain our permission for any uses above or for any other use which is not specifically addressed in this Trademark Policy, or you became aware of unauthorized use of the Grafana Marks, please email

Please note that permission will only be granted under certain conditions and/or subject to you entering into an agreement with us to maintain the quality of the products and or services you offer.

Thanks for caring about the Grafana brand!