Grafana Cloud k6

The best developer experience for performance testing

Grafana Cloud k6 is the modern performance testing platform that brings cross-functional teams together to prevent system failures and consistently deliver fast and reliable applications.

Get started quickly with the Grafana Cloud free tier: 500 virtual user hours/month, 10k metrics, 50GB logs, 50GB traces, 50GB profiles, and more.

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Collaborate on performance testing

Use a developer-centric experience that bridges the gaps between the traditional Dev, Testing, and Ops silos, allowing teams to work together on testing.

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Boost release confidence and speed

Integrate performance testing into the CI/CD process, allowing teams to continuously test existing SLOs and deploy new features without breaking them.

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Reduce MTTR with full stack visibility

Correlate load test results and server-side data to gain full context for troubleshooting performance issues — without switching platforms.

Create tests faster

  • Get started with the easy-to-use, well-documented APIs and CLI and a familiar scripting language, JavaScript.
  • Onboard users quickly and lower the barrier to entry for writing test scripts with the GUI test builder and browser recorder.
  • Schedule and automate testing from the web app, CLI, and CI pipelines and use SLOs as the pass/fail criteria.
  • Configure diverse test scenarios to model real-world traffic patterns in load tests.
Screenshot of Javascript in Grafana Cloud k6
Grafana dashboard showing performance overview data

Run cloud tests

  • Launch tests from 21 geographic locations to ensure a great experience no matter where your users are.
  • Run load tests in the cloud for up to 1 million concurrent virtual users or 5 million requests/second.

Analyze performance test results

  • The intelligent Performance Insights algorithms automatically surface test and application performance-related issues.
  • Detect performance changes when comparing results between tests and trends over time.
Grafana dashboard showing Performance Insights data in Grafana Cloud k6
Grafana dashboard showing performance results with correlated metrics, logs, and traces

Correlate performance testing and observability

  • Go from running performance tests to problem resolution in a seamless experience.
  • Visualize and query performance tests in Grafana.
  • Add k6 visualizations to your existing Grafana dashboards.
  • Automatically correlate performance test results with server-side metrics, logs, and traces to find root causes quickly.

It’s easy to get started with Grafana Cloud k6

For full implementation details and best practices


Create tests

Write a test in your text editor or IDE, or use our no-code tools to speed up test creation


Run cloud tests

From the CLI, run the k6 cloud command. In the Grafana Cloud k6 app, use the script editor, test builder, or re-run a listed test


Analyze test results

View real time result visualization as the test runs and correlate the data with other data sources in Grafana dashboards

Get Grafana Cloud k6 in Grafana Cloud

Performance testing for every user, organization, and use case.

Cloud Free

No payment. Ever.
Best suited for early stage and small teams that run small-scale cloud testing with up to 500 k6 VUh per month and 14 days of retention.
Easiest way to get started

Cloud Pro

Pay as you go
Best suited for growing teams that perform more frequent load testing with higher levels of traffic exceeding 500 k6 VUh, access 30 days of retention, and unlock 8x5 support.

Cloud Advanced

Premium bundle
Best suited for global teams with higher testing requirements or larger traffic volumes exceeding 500 k6 VUh, access 180 days of retention, and unlock 24x7 support.
“Our usage of Grafana k6 has played a critical role in helping us to push our system to its limits, identify its breaking points, and explore how it would behave in unexpected circumstances. Grafana k6 has also become an invaluable tool for experimenting with performance optimizations.
Justin Rusbatch
Staff Software Engineer at Olo

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