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ClickHouse overview


ClickHouse Database dashboard based on Prometheus
Last updated: 6 years ago

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ClickHouse is a modern and free analytic DBMS for big data. ClickHouse manages extremely large volumes of data in a stable and sustainable manner. It currently powers Yandex.Metrica, world’s second largest web analytics platform, with over 13 trillion database records and over 20 billion events a day, generating customized reports on-the-fly, directly from non-aggregated data. It is available at

Dashboard allow to monitor:

  • total qps based on query execution
  • cache hits/miss rate graph
  • number of active connections
  • bytes merged/allocated rate

The author assumes that the metrics are scraped from various hosts and databases. That's why there are placed two templates: $host and $db. Remember to adjust templates for your needs at "/dashboard/db/<your-dashboard>?editview=templating". Graphs would change accordingly to selected value.

Metrics based on system ClickHouse tables: events and metrics.

Requirements: Dashboard is based on the metrics

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