Ceph Clusters Overview Prometheus


Dashboard for monitoring ceph cluster stats using native ceph prometheus module.
Last updated: 4 years ago

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This dashboard is targeted for service managers or teams which manage more than one ceph instances. It shows all the stats combined and also is possible to create comparison graphs between clusters. This dashboard uses native ceph prometheus module (ceph_exporter not needed) for ceph stats and node exporter for node stats


  • Ceph Luminous (12.2) or Ceph Mimic (13.2)
  • Node Exporter for node metrics


  • Enable ceph prometheus module: ceph mgr module enable prometheus
  • Allow traffic through the port 9283 of the machines containing the ceph mgr.
  • To ensure that you don't lose the metrics between mgr fail-overs, add all the mgr to the target section in prometheus.
  • To allow "by cluster" metrics, create a new label when defining the targets, like:
        "targets": [ "mycluster-mgr-1:9283", "mycluster-mgr-2:9283", "mycluster-mgr-3:9283" ],
        "labels": {