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Ceph Cluster


Ceph cluster dashborad (Monitoring data is from ceph mgr zabbix plugin )
Last updated: 5 years ago

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  • Screenshot-2017-11-8 Grafana - Ceph Cluster.png
    Screenshot-2017-11-8 Grafana - Ceph Cluster.png

This dashboard is using ceph mgr zabbix plugins to generate monitoring data ,and using zabbix-grafana to fetch data from zabbix to grafana

To enable ceph zabbix plugin,using command below

you can reference this link1 and link2

ceph mgr module zabbix enable
ceph zabbix config-set zabbix_host zabbix.lab.local
ceph zabbix config-set identifier ceph.lab.local

In zabbix:

  • import the template here and the source code folder is here

  • create a host named with ceph.lab.local( replace your own) ,add to ceph group and link the template "ceph-mgr Zabbix module"

in grafana

you can reference this link

  • install the zabbix-grafana plugin and create datasource named zabbix
  • import this dashborad
Get this dashboard: