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Dashboard to get an overview of one Linux server.
Last updated: 5 years ago

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  1. The dashboard assumes that the node_exporter job is called db_nodes. Replace it for your needs. A metric node_filesystem_avail is calculated by Prometheus rule. Save this to a file /etc/prometheus/rules/compute_metrics.rules on your Prometheus server:

node::node_filesystem_avail::percent= round(100*(min by (job,instance,mountpoint,fstype) (node_filesystem_avail{fstype !~ "rpc_pipefs|rootfs|tmpfs",device!="/etc/auto.misc",mountpoint !~ "/boot|/net|/selinux"}/node_filesystem_size{fstype !~ "rpc_pipefs|rootfs|tmpfs",device!="/etc/auto.misc",mountpoint !~ "/boot|/net|/selinux"})),0.01)

  1. "System load normalized" chart shows system load divided by number of CPU cores
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