Memcached Server Metrics


Memcached Server Metrics, requires CollectD memcached plugin and Graphite
Last updated: 6 years ago

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  • memcached_full_dashboard_screenshot.png

Metrics Dashboard for Memcached server.


  • Server template variable (so if you have multiple memcached server you can pick which one you want at the top of the dashboard)
  • Hit Ratio, Commands, Get / Set Ratio
  • Connections, DF Cache Bytes (free/used), Items In Cache
  • Ops - Evictions, Ops - Misses, Ops - Hits,.
  • Traffic Octets In/out, Process Threads, CPU Time

CollectD config can be found here: collectd.conf

The relevant parts for this dashboard is

LoadPlugin memcached

<Plugin "memcached">
  Host ""
  Port "11211"

Metric Prefix

When you import the dasbhoard you will have to specify your collectd metric prefix, this is by defauilt just collectd. The dashboard assumes the following metric structure $prefix.$server.memcached.... So if you have a non standard collectd prefix like prod.cacheservers then specify that in the prefix field when you import the dashboard. During import when you specify the prefix do not include the last dot (.).

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