Templated Netdata Dashboard


Templated Linux system-monitor dashboard for Netdata-collected system-stats using InfluxDB datastore.
Last updated: 3 years ago

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Dashboard for Netdata monitoring system via Influxdb time-series database

Homepage: https://kmonsoor.github.io/netdata-influx-grafana/


To use this dashboard:

  1. Download the dashboard.json from here or copy the raw version of the JSON from Github repo.
  2. Modify all the datasource from to your datastore's name that you've defined in your Grafana.
  3. Update all the measurements in the JSON e.g. "netdata.system.cpu.user" to "your-prefix.system.cpu.user".
  4. Now, create a new dashboard using the Import button on Grafana's dashboard-list menu and pasting the edited JSON.

Please note that depending on your specific distro, some metrics may have slightly different names e.g. ["xvda", "xvda1"]. You should edit and match those by editing directly on the dashboard.

Initially, it was based on this dashboard on Grafana gallery. Later, it was updated mainly to include templating variable for machine names.

If it's useful for you, please feel free to share it, suggest improve and "star" it on Github