Monitoring Linux Hosts via telegraf agent.
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此dashboard为开源夜莺监控专用设计,其他监控系统可参考使用。 需满足以下条件: 1、使用了开源夜莺监控系统(最新版本; 2、使用了victoria-metrics软件存储了数据; 3、grafana版本是8.X以上; 4、客户端使用了telegraf软件进行数据采集;


This dashboard is a special design for open source Nightingale monitoring, and other monitoring systems can be used for reference. The following conditions shall be met:

  1. The open source Nightingale monitoring system is used( )Latest version;
  2. Victoria metrics software is used to store data;
  3. The version of grafana is 8 Above X;
  4. The client uses telegraf software to collect data;
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