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Home Office Connectivity Monitoring
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    Dashboard Home Office Connectivity.png

Dashboard for HomeOffice Monitoring. Using Telegraf (ping, dns, http_responde and wireless plugins) + Prometheus we can see the http response code, icmp response time and packet loss, dns response time and wifi status.

Collector Configuration Details

Input plugins

#Ping plugin [[inputs.ping]] urls = ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "google.com", "twitter.com", "amazon.in", "facebook.com"] count = 4 ping_interval = 5.0 timeout = 2.0

#DNS plugin [[inputs.dns_query]] servers = [""] domains = ["www.uol.com.br", "google.com", "twitter.com", "amazon.in", "facebook.com"]

#HTTP request [[inputs.http_response]] urls = ["https://site.desk.ms/?Login","https://cisco.com","https://outlook.live.com/owa/","https://site.pipedrive.com/auth/login?return"] response_timeout = "3s" method = "GET" follow_redirects = true insecure_skip_verify = false

#Wifi signal [[inputs.wireless]]

Output format plugins

#Prometheus [[outputs.prometheus_client]] listen = ":9283" metric_version = 2

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