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Pi-hole - RESTful API


Grafana Dashboard that consumes Pi-hole API without auth. All simple, leveraging the input.http from telegraf.
Last updated: 2 years ago

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Just use telegraf and the input.http with the next details, of course point to your pi-hole:

#PiHole URL for data in JSON format 
urls = [""] 

method = "GET"

 #Overwrite measurement name from default `http` to `pihole_stats`
 name_override = "pihole_stats" 

#Exclude host items from tags 
tagexclude = ["host"] 

#Data from HTTP in JSON format 
data_format = "json" 

#JSON values to set as string fields
json_string_fields = ["url", "status"] 

insecure_skip_verify = true

Restar telegraf, and that's it.

Then download or import this Dashboard to your Grafana, and you should see something similar to the next: alt tag

Hope you like it!

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