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MinIO's high-performance object storage suite is software defined and enables customers to build cloud-native data infrastructure for machine learning, analytics and application data workloads. Read more here.

Prometheus Configuration

MinIO Prometheus endpoint exposes detailed metrics about various sub-systems.

The Prometheus endpoint in MinIO requires authentication by default. Prometheus supports a bearer token approach to authenticate prometheus scrape requests, override the default Prometheus config with the one generated using mc. To generate a Prometheus config for an alias, use mc as follows mc admin prometheus generate <alias>

To allow public access without authentication for Prometheus metrics set environment MINIO_PROMETHEUS_AUTH_TYPE="public"

- job_name: minio-job
  bearer_token: <secret>
  metrics_path: /minio/v2/metrics/cluster
  scheme: http
  - targets: ['localhost:9000']

For further details, refer MinIO Prometheus docs.


Report any issues or submit improvements on MinIO GitHub Repository.

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