InfluxDB Overview


A beautiful one-stop-shop dashboard to monitor ALL your Influx instances. Both Influx specific metrics, as well key OS metrics.
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InfluxDB Overview

This dashboard extends the original OSS stats dashboard (

It is meant to be a standalone dashboard that monitors everything related to InfluxDB, including important OS metrics. So you can get all the info in a single page.


  1. Since the dashboard uses a template variable for the datasource, you need to have an InfluxDB Grafana Datasource using the "_internal" db. The name you give to this datasource must contain "internal", or "Internal" somewhere in it to be picked up the the template variable $datasource, if it isn't then you'll need to adjust the regex accordingly in the dashboard settings > variables. Current regex: /[Ii]nternal/.
  2. There are also a few panels using Telegraf OS metrics collector using the default "telegraf" db. This is optional but I highly recommend you do this since it has saved me a few times.

I hope this made using Influx a little more enjoyable. I use this to monitor multiple InfluxDB instances hosted on different base OSes, this dashboard cover all of my needs. Thank you!

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