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Azure Network Policy Manager Configuration (Prometheus Server)


Monitor and understand your Network Configuration. Uses a Prometheus Server data source.
Last updated: 2 years ago

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Azure Network Policy Metrics

Azure Network Policy Manager (NPM) includes informative Prometheus metrics that allow you to monitor and better understand your configurations. We can view these metrics through Grafana dashboard.

Current Metrics

Metric NameDescriptionPrometheus Metric TypeLabels
npm_num_policiesnumber of network policiesGauge-
npm_num_iptables_rulesnumber of IPTables rulesGauge-
npm_num_ipsetsnumber of IPSetsGauge-
npm_num_ipset_entriesnumber of IP address entries in all IPSetsGauge-
npm_add_policy_exec_timeruntime for adding a network policySummaryquantile (0.5, 0.9, or 0.99)
npm_add_iptables_rule_exec_timeruntime for adding an IPTables ruleSummaryquantile (0.5, 0.9, or 0.99)
npm_add_ipset_exec_timeruntime for adding an IPSetSummaryquantile (0.5, 0.9, or 0.99)
npm_ipset_counts (advanced)number of entries within each individual IPSetGaugeVecset name & hash

How it works?

  • An AKS or AKS engine cluster with Azure Network Policy plugin.
  • An Prometheus server installed in cluster. tutorial is in this doc.
  • Please refer this doc to enable Grafana dashboard from Prometheus data source


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