Grafana Dashboard for Veeam Backup for Azure


Grafana Dashboard for Veeam Backup for Azure - Uses now API v2
Last updated: 9 months ago

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Just download the latest Veeam Backup for Azure script version from GitHub and change the Configuration section within your details:

# Endpoint URL for InfluxDB
veeamInfluxDBURL="YOURINFLUXSERVER" ##Use https://fqdn or https://IP in case you use SSL
veeamInfluxDBPort="8086" #Default Port
veeamInfluxDB="YOURINFLUXDB" #Default Database
veeamInfluxDBUser="YOURINFLUXUSER" #User for Database
veeamInfluxDBPassword="YOURINFLUXPASS" #Password for Database

# Endpoint URL for login action
veeamBackupAzurePort="443" #Default Port

Once the changes are done, make the script executable with chmod:

chmod +x

The output of the command should be something like the next, without errors:

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Content-Type: application/json
Request-Id: 46613c61-8ae0-11ea-b2a9-0050569002da
X-Influxdb-Build: OSS
X-Influxdb-Version: 1.7.10
X-Request-Id: 46613c61-8ae0-11ea-b2a9-0050569002da
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 12:44:04 GMT

If so, please now add this script to your crontab, like for example every 30 minutes:

*/30 * * * * /home/oper/ >> /var/log/veeamazure.log 2>&1

Then download or import this Dashboard to your Grafana, and you should see something similar to the next: alt tag