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Shows stats from MSI Afterburner
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This is a dashboard showing PC monitoring statistics such as FPS, CPU / GPU / Memory Usage, Clockspeeds, Temperatures, Voltages and GPU Fan Speeds.


  • MSI Afterburner: provides a detailed overview of your hardware, and also allows graphics card overclocking. Includes RTSS which also provides an on-screen-display during games.
  • MSI Afterburner Remote Server: serves up an HTTP endpoint with data from MSI Afterburner in an XML format.
  • collectd: a daemon which collects metrics periodically and provides mechanisms to store the values in a variety of ways. Used to perform HTTP requests to the MSI Afterburner endpoint and store the data in a database.
  • Graphite: a monitoring tool that stores numeric time-series data and provides an API to access it. Stores all the data from collectd.

Full details of how to run your own setup can be found on my GitHub

Collector Configuration Details

URL is the IP address or hostname of your PC running MSI Afterburner Remote Server.

Password is the key set in the settings of MSI Afterburner Remote Server.

Interval 1
MaxReadInterval 64

LoadPlugin curl_xml
LoadPlugin write_graphite

<Plugin curl_xml>
    <URL "">
        Host "pc"
        Instance "afterburner"
        Plugin "curl-xml"
        User "MSIAfterburner"
        Password "17cc95b4017d496f82"
        <XPath "/HardwareMonitor/HardwareMonitorEntries/HardwareMonitorEntry">
            InstanceFrom @srcName
            ValuesFrom @data
            Type "gauge"

<Plugin write_graphite>
    <Node "MSIAfterburner">
        Host "grafterburner-graphite"
        Port "2003"
        Protocol "udp"
        Prefix "collectd."

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