JMeter Load Test


This dashboard shows live load test metrics provided by JMeter.
Last updated: 5 years ago

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JMeter Load Test Dashboard

This dashboard shows the main metrics gathered during a load test execution with JMeter. This dashboards depends on the JMeter-InfluxBD-Writer plugin for JMeter, that writes live load test data to an influxDB installation.


Setting up JMeter

  1. Download the JMeter-InfluxBD-Writer and paste the jar into the /lib/ext directory of your JMeter installation. (Then Restart JMeter)
  2. In your JMeter load script add a Backend Listener node (Add -> Listener -> Backend Listener)
  3. Select JMeterInfluxDBBackendListenerClient for the Backend Listener implementation option
  4. Provide in the Parameters table your influxDB settings, provide a name for the test, and specify which samplers to record.
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