Erlang Distribution links, inet socket, port driver, dist process + tls_connection & tls_sender
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Understand the behaviour of Erlang clustering via Erlang Distribution links, inet socket, port driver & dist process.

If the Erlang Distribution is using TLS, the state of tls_connection & tls_sender processes will be shown as well.

Metrics displayed:

  • Distribution link

    • State: established / connecting / waiting
    • Data buffered
    • Data sent to peer node / s
    • Data received from peer node / s
    • Messages sent to peer node / s
    • Messages received from peer node / s
    • Average inet packet size sent to peer node
    • Average inet packet size received from peer node
  • Port driver

    • Memory used
    • Data buffered
  • Dist process

    • State: waiting / running / garbage_collecting / runnable / suspended / exiting
    • Queued messages
    • Memory used
    • Process reductions / s

The last set of metrics are repeated for the tls_connection and tls_sender processes if the Erlang Distribution is using TLS.

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Depends on rabbitmq-prometheus plugin, built-in since RabbitMQ v3.8.0

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