1 Node Exporter for Prometheus Dashboard EN v20191102


【English version】Support Node Exporter v0.16 and above.Optimize the main metrics display. Includes: CPU, memory, disk IO, network, temperature and other monitoring metrics。https://github.com/starsliao/Prometheus
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Grafana v6.4.2 + node_exporter 0.18.1 test pass

The dashboard is quite practical, to optimize the main metrics for display, and supporting Node Exporter v0.16 and above.Includes: CPU,memory,disk I/O, network traffic, temperature and other monitoring metrics.

Compatibility Release Notes:

If you import the dashboard, you get an error:

Failed create dashboard model
Cannot read property 'Symbol(Symbol.iterator)' of undefined

Note that your grafana version is too low, does not support the new BAR GAUGE chart, it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of grafana, or re-import version without BAR GAUGE:







After import the dashboard, please click Dashboardsettings-- Variables to set the variable in the upper right corner of the dashboard according to the actual situation。

The three variables:$job, $hostname and $node will be set and associated by default. ($name, $env variable is a custom label and was hidden. You can increase by yourself if needed.)

  • $node takes the instance of node_exporter, ip:port format. Most queries are associated with this variable, please make sure it is valid.

  • $maxmount is used to check the maximum partition of the current host. Normally can only obtain partitions of type ext4 and xfs by default.





  1. Adjusted the display metrics and descriptions of the Network Sockstat to make it more practical.
  2. Modified the display and description of the node_disk_io_time_seconds_total metrics.
  3. Add the reference value to the chart for each I/O read/write time-consuming.
  4. Optimized the display effect of part graph, fixed the color of some lines.


  1. The pie chart that needs to be manually installed was removed, and the pie chart of the original disk information is integrated into the disk table information.
  2. Add a Bar Gauge to timely display the information such as cpu,memory , etc.
  3. Add a graph to turn on context switching and opening files.
  4. To separate the Time Spent Doing I/Os from the cpu usage graph.
  5. Most of the charts in the entire dashboard have been adjusted and optimized to enhance the practicality and compatibility.
  6. Fixed the issue about report error of displaying multiple server partial charts at the same time.


  1. Add usage graph of disk partitions.
  2. Optimized data display effect.


  1. Add server list multi-select support, graphs can display data of multiple servers.
  2. Optimized the display effect of variables.
  3. Optimize the description of some monitoring metrics, click the "i" in the upper left corner of the chart to view.


  1. Fixed a bug that showed inaccurate memory usage.
  2. Add a link to update node_exporter and dashboard.


  1. Add description of the variable.
  2. Optimized the display speed after the new installation of the dashboard


  1. Add an environment to group servers.
  2. Add the pie chart and total disk space.
  3. Add the descriptor about current opened file.
  4. Add the description of some monitoring metrics.
  5. Optimized the display results of some metrics.


  1. Add the ratio of a graph of disk's I/O operation consuming time per second.