Proxmox via Prometheus


Proxmox Virtual Environment Dashboard
Last updated: 2 years ago

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    Screenshot_2019-06-15 Proxmox via Prometheus - Grafana.png

This dashboards shows node-level information (current and historical CPU and memory load), as well as storage information (each storage allocation and usage). It has a summary of resource allocation and usage on all the Proxmox guests, and time series for disk usage, memory usage, CPU usage, disk IO and network IO for each of the guests.

The dashboard is fed by a Prometheus data source, populated by a prometheus-pve-exporter data source. The current version was developed on a 2.10.0 exporter verison.

Since the PVE exporter requires necessarity a different metrics URL for each instance of PVE, the dashboard is templatized on the instance variable.

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