• What is distributed tracing?
  • How to get started with Jaeger
  • How to instrument an application
  • How to search logs in Loki, find the traces in Jaeger, and view them in Grafana

Come and learn about the basics of distributed tracing! In this webinar, we will review what tracing is and what questions it can answer, common open source options for tracing, and the basics of deploying Jaeger, a popular tracing system. In the demo, we will take a simple application, instrument it for tracing, and offload those traces to a Jaeger backend. Then we’ll run a typical Loki search, retrieve the trace from Jaeger, and view the trace in Grafana.

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Joe Elliott

Joe Elliott

Principal Software Engineer at Grafana Labs

Joe Elliott is a Senior Backend Engineer at Grafana Labs. Since Kubernetes 1.5 he has been building and maintaining microservice platforms with a strong focus on observability and reliability.

Joe has contributed to Loki, Cortex, and Jaeger and is part of the Grafana and JaegerTracing GitHub organizations. In his free time he enjoys biking, reading, and kid wrangling.