Learning the tricks of Grafana Loki for distributed logging at scale in a Kubernetes environment

Collecting and understanding logs is a complex operation.

Logging can provide immense detail when used well, or it can become a firehose and take hours to trawl through. The team supporting the Kubernetes platform at Civo needed a solution that was simple and performant and could be queried in ways to help and not hinder them.

In this talk, Civo SRE Anaïs Urlichs and Principal Engineer Alex Jones will illustrate how Loki was chosen and brought into the organization to empower engineers. Integrating with Prometheus and Grafana dashboards, Loki has allowed engineers to filter for precise information that helps them debug quicker. The distributed nature of the tooling enabled the team to scale components to meet demand and configure it for Civo’s specific cluster topology.

As part of this talk, Urlichs and Jones will demonstrate how you can integrate Loki into your Kubernetes ecosystem and quickly start pulling relevant information. They will also highlight the easy-to-use Explore functionality within Grafana and the advanced LogQL language to help find the right logs.

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