How do I register for the event?
You can register for the event on the ObservabilityCON page here.
Will the sessions be available to watch after the conference ends?
All mainstage sessions will be recorded and published for on-demand viewing.
Do I need to register for each session that I want to attend?
Once you register for the event, you do not need to register for specific mainstage conference sessions; however, if you plan to attend a workshop, you will need to register for that to save your seat.
How do I register for a workshop session?
You can register for the workshops here.
How will content be streamed? Do I need to download an application?
All content will be streamed through the ObservabilityCON site, so will be browser-based. No downloads needed!
How will Q&A work for sessions?
We will have various ways for you to get your questions answered, from Slack chat during sessions to presenters answering questions live during the sessions.
Is there a way to network with other attendees?
We will be facilitating chats in our community Slack during the event.
Is there an event code of conduct?
Grafana Labs is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming ObservabilityCON for all attendees, and our events team will be enforcing our Code of Conduct. We ask all attendees and speakers to review it.
How can I sponsor the event?
Please reach out to events@grafana.com if you are interested in our limited sponsorship opportunities.
Is there a press contact for this event?
You can contact Dan Jensen at dan.jensen@grafana.com for any press inquiries.

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